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Tuesday: Operation Find My Desk

Hi All –

Hope everyone is having a great day so far. I am not quite sure what has come over me this week! I was up early again this morning – 5:45 AM to be exact. I was out of the house by 6:20 AM and at my desk at work by 7:15. What!? I am certainly not going to think about it all that much – I am just going to go with it!

I truly love leaving my house early in the morning. The earlier I leave, the less traffic (usually) I have to deal with on my commute. The earlier I get to my desk, the earlier I can leave and miss the evening commuting traffic. 🙂

Today’s breakfast came in two parts. The first I ate at 7:45. A little less than half of a whole wheat pita with a tablespoon of Teddie’s all natural Peanut Butter.


The second half of breakfast came at around 10 o’clock. It was half a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt, vanilla flavored with a teaspoon of PB2 and a few dashes of cinnamon stirred in. This is such a wonderful combination!


At 12:30 I was fairly starving for lunch and just past the half way point in my day. I had lunch with my friend Kate, we had a great time catching up since it had been almost two weeks since the last time we saw each other.

My lunch was in a few parts today:


A spinach salad with about half a cup of baked chicken, sliced almonds, and croutons and two tablespoons of Newman’s Own low fat sesame ginger dressing. This was a great salad and the protein from the chicken helped me get through most of the afternoon.

I also had whole wheat “everything” crackers, a light Babybel cheese, and a piece of Dove dark chocolate:


After eating lunch we had a few minutes left of our lunch break – so we went outside for a quick ten minute walk. It was so much nicer than I was expecting. It was cool, in the forties, but there was no wind off of the water – so it felt warm!

At 3:30 this afternoon I needed a snack. Thankfully I had a Kashi granola bar in my work bag:



I was home a few minutes before 5 this evening. Reading Jenna’s blog today really inspired me to try and clean some of my room. I have a beautiful antique desk in my room, which I really love. It has been covered with clothes and other “things”. At times I get totally overwhelmed when my room is a wreck. But today I decided to start in one corner of the room, and see what I could accomplish in an hour.


PC010007.JPG PC010008.JPG

Goodness. Can you see how this could be a little overwhelming? Well, here is what I was able to accomplish in less than an hour of work…


Seriously! I still have a long way to go in the room – but at least I can sit at my desk, and set up my office / blogging area now! Tonight I decided to oil the desk (which is over one hundred years old!), so I will not be able to set things up until tomorrow, but I cannot wait. I am sort of inspired to do more work in the room, too. But I feel like doing this much in the space was a huge accomplishment (especially for a week night). I did not get to the gym tonight – but this was well worth it.

Dinner tonight was another taco with the fresh salsa, guac and a bit of Mexican blend cheese. It was really great. Oh – and a glass of Pom / seltzer, too!


Hope you’re all having a great night. See you tomorrow!


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