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Reporting from my Desk – Happy Hump Day

Hi All –

How is the week treating you so far? I had a super busy day at work, and then a sort of productive night at home – which equals a pretty good day for a Wednesday, I guess. 🙂 Today I took the train to work, and brought my morning coffee in my to – go Au Bon Pain travel mug. Luckily I had about half a mug left when I got to my desk. After a quick couple of seconds in the microwave, it was almost like new. I love drinking out of my Rosie the Riveter mug. Rosie always brightens my day!  


SInce I was a little girl, I have always had several Rosie the Riveter things. My favorite was the tin lunch box, if only I knew where it was these days! I still have a tote bag, and even an eraser on my newly cleaned desk (it’s amazing the things you can find when you do a little organizing from time to time!)

Along with my pumpkin spice coffee, I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean hot cereal. The flavor I tried today was a very vanilla. It was pretty good. The only glitch was that I thought I was making oatmeal not a hot cereal. I screwed up the consistency (for sure) by adding as much water as I normally would for an instant Kashi oatmeal. It still turned out, just a little soupier than I would normally like.


In an attempt to remedy the situation, I added a few Yogi granola flakes, PB2 and cinnamon. This pretty much did the trick. The cereal held me for a while, but by 10 o’clock I was starving. Thankfully I had packed a little snack bag of Cheerios. I definitely felt like a toddler eating dry cereal out of a snack bag – but they kept me going until lunch.

My afternoon meal was great today. About 1/3 cup of tuna on a bed of fresh spinach (which had a tablespoon of Newman’s low fat sesame ginger dressing like yesterday):


More whole wheat crackers with a light Babybel cheese and a clementine:


I cannot tell you how excited I am that clementines are back in season. I love them! About half way through lunch, I realized that crackers, cheese, tuna and spinach made a pretty good combo:


Fun times at the lunch table for me today!

I am sure that in at least a few blog entries I have mentioned the infamous candy bowl that lurks outside my office. I really have a love hate relationship with this bowl and the candy that lives in it:


I definitely had three little pieces of candy today. Ugh. My afternoon snack was at 4:15 today. I was super busy, and did not have time to realize that I was starving until it was almost too late, and I was about to eat my arm 😀 The PM snack was another 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt with cinnamon and PB2 mixed in.


For exercise I had a ten minute walk at lunch and my usual 1 mile + walk to the train at the end of the day. (Along with countless steps around my office today – I was a busy bee) The train ride home tonight was a lot of fun. As luck would have it Tim, Danielle and I somehow scored seats all together and we were able to catch up on for the ride home. The time definitely flew by.

I got home a few minutes before seven and I went right to the kitchen – I was ready for dinner! I toasted a whole wheat pita with a bit of reduced fat shredded cheese, heated up a Dr Praeger’s veggie burger, and added guac and the fresh salsa on top. It was really wonderful! I had a handful of peanuts as I was putting together dinner.



I am enjoying the new desk area. I spent a good amount of time working up here tonight, getting things set up and I am now writing my first blog entry from the new digs. I am currently enjoying a big mug of peppermint tea while typing up the blog entry 🙂


OK, it has been a long day, so I will wrap up now. Hope your weeks continue to go well. See you tomorrow!


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