Thursday Night – Home At Last

Phew! It is so good to be home after a long day! Never mind writing from my newly unearthed desk – I am reporting to you from bed. I finally got home from my day at 9:20 tonight. While I will not be doing my usual recap – I promise to tomorrow! – I did want to write a quick hello to everyone.

There are a few things to be excited about today. First – I found my missing copy of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential in my gym bag! I was so happy to find it – and once I am done writing, I am really excited to get back into the book.


Bourdain is coming to the Providence Performing Arts Center in January and I am really looking forward to seeing him speak – he is such an interesting person, I am sure the night will be very entertaining! If you are interested in the restaurant world, good food and cooking in general, I highly recommend reading Kitchen Confidential if you have not already!

I also finally got to my old salon in Brookline for a much needed haircut. I was so excited to catch up with Erin – I cannot believe it has been so many months since my last cut – nearly six months, since the last cut was in June! I kept it long enough so I can put it in a ponytail for running, but took almost two inches off.

After the cut, I met up with Jennifer for a walk around Brookline and a quick dinner. Fun times, with a much needed stop to Anna’s where we both ordered chicken burritos. (They were fantastic as always)

There is only one more work day left in the week – and I have to keep telling myself this. I am looking forward to going for a run after work tomorrow – if I can muster up the energy. I have noticed a change in myself by what I am looking forward to this weekend. I am excited to go to bed rather early on Friday evening and wake up early (8:30?) on Saturday to enjoy a nice bowl of stove top oats (ah the things you take for granted when you don’t have an hour plus commute in the morning!) and a couple of cups of coffee before heading out to the gym. There are several things on the agenda this weekend: continue the room cleaning, go for at least one (hopefully two) runs, and cook. There is a possibility of picking up one (or as many as three – yikes!) Christmas trees over the weekend. I will be sure to report on this holiday cheer, perhaps it will help get me in the mood! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a good finish to the week. See you tomorrow!


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