In the Zone or Zoned Out?

Happy end of Tuesday, everyone! Just a quick post before I hit the hay.

I don’t know about you – but I spent a good amount of time kind of zoned out tonight after I got home from work around 7 o’clock. Thankfully I had done a lot of the busy work at home last night (laundry, cooking, etc) so I did not have to accomplish too much tonight.

Last night before I went to bed to read and sleep, I packed my lunch. I packed a container of gluten free TJ’s granola with PB2 and a dash or two of cinnamon to go with my vanilla greek yogurt for breakfast. I must have been super hungry at 8:30 this morning when I had the breakfast, because I forgot to take a photo of it. At 10 o’clock I was hungry again, which was actually rather shocking to me – good thing I had thought ahead by packing 1/2 a cup of dried Cheerios. I definitely felt a little like a toddler digging into my cereal, but it did the trick and got me through until 12:15 when I could break for lunch.

My lunch consisted of three items. First, a spinach salad with cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, a teaspoon of hummus and a splash of dressing:


Second course, Bittman’s pasta fagioli left over from last night:


Is it just me or does this pretty much look like a bowl of pasta? Well, the night before when I packed it it seemed like more broth than pasta – I think the consistency changed over night. Well – it was still great. The flavors for this soup are sometimes better the next day as they have had some time to sit and meld together. I love this stuff!

My last part of lunch was a clementine. I love citrus season! I made a mental note to pack another (or maybe 2 more?) for lunch tomorrow. I also had a little piece of dark chocolate a little while after lunch. I love the Dove dark chocolate individually wrapped pieces. I usually pack one in my lunch bag and have it most days after lunch. They work out to be about 36 calories a piece – not bad for a somewhat sweet treat after lunch!

At 4 o’clock my stomach was talking to me, so I took a quick break from work to have the remaining half of a LUNA bar that was still in my lunch bag from last week. These things make great snacks, especially if you can get two snacks out of them like I do! The Luna bar did the trick, and I did not have to eat again until I got home. Dinner was more pasta fagioli and a couple of pieces of sour dough baguette that I picked up from Seven Stars the day before.

I also had 1/2 a cup of light ice cream tonight after dinner. It really hit the spot! 🙂

As for exercise – I had a fairly active day at work today. A good amount of walking around, climbing ladders, etc. But also a good amount of time sitting at my desk doing some data entry, catching up on work emails and doing research. I really enjoyed my walk to the train tonight – which is just over one mile. Today it took twenty minutes at a good pace. I loved the fact that when I walked out of the office a few minutes after five o’clock it was still light out! The sun had probably just set, and there was still a bit of lightness in the sky. It really made my day! I feel like we’ve turned the corner, and spring is just a month or two away (I know, perhaps this is wishful thinking – but it’s all about positive thinking!)

Ok, as promised – a brief blog entry. I am heading for bed. See ya’ll tomorrow!


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