A bit behind…

Wow! This week is sort of flying by, and I am super behind on the blog 😦 But tonight could be the night to catch up. I have a quiet night at home, and I am excited to make dinner and spend some time flipping through some of my favorite cookbooks!

Today I tried another Luna protein bar. I got to work a little on the later side, and things were in super full swing at the office when I walked in at 8:40 this morning. I love coming in early to work, so I can have a few quiet moments to work on office e-mails, sip coffee and eat my breakfast at my desk. That did not happen today! So, I did not have time to eat the oatmeal I had planned on, luckily I had the bar in my lunch bag – otherwise I would not have had breakfast at all.

I really liked the cookie dough flavor of Luna Protein Bar that I tried today. I did not get to savor the flavor, but it certainly did the job and kept me going until I had time to stop working long enough for lunch. Lunch was a salad and a bit of chicken parm and pasta left overs. Today was just not the day to take photos while I was eating, but lunch was good.

My afternoon snack today was awesome – chobani vanilla Greek yogurt and agave granola. It seriously hit the spot!



Yesterday’s food was also fun and good. Yesterday as I was walking to the train, there were a bunch of super cheery gals handing out free samples of Mix 1 protein shakes. I was given a mango flavor, and I drank it on the train because I did not have coffee to sip on. I really liked the shake, I liked that there were 15 grams of protein. The brand puts a lot of antioxidants in the shakes, one container was one serving (this is SOOOO important to check when you are drinking ‘protein’ shakes!!!!) and only 200 calories. There were 5 grams of fiber, and 22 grams of sugar (a bit high – they use organic cane sugar, but still, a little less would be good!) and 2.5 grams of healthy fat from olive oil, interesting. I really liked the flavor, and I think the protein kept me pretty full for a couple of hours. I did not have another snack until lunch.

Here was my Mix 1 shake:


Lunch – a salad from ABP and a fantastic rosemary, olive oil bread stick which I adored. The salad was good:


Mushrooms, one hard boiled egg, red peppers, tomato, cucs, carrots, spinach, chickpeas, broccoli, etc. Yum.

OK, I’m going to head into the kitchen and make what I refer to as ‘dinner for a single girl’ because I’m on my own tonight. I talked with Tim a lot about ramen and our love for these Asian noodles. He has given me a new recipe for a ginger scallion sauce to top the ramen with and I am super excited to try it! I will report back in a few – see you then!


3 thoughts on “A bit behind…

    1. Hi Marilyn!
      I would definitely take a look in the health food area of your grocery store – the company is based out of Boulder, CO so they *should* be in Colorado. I really liked the mango flavor, so if you find it and try it – let me know what you think! 🙂

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