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The Past Couple of Days = Summer….

Hey Bloggies –

I’ve been away for a couple of days! Not actually out of town or anything – just away from the blog. You might recall from last year, that when “summer” rolls around I always sort of lose my appetite. Well, it happened again! The last couple of days have been h-o-t and I just have not had much interest in food.

Thus, I have been eating a lot of salads:





I am always trying to include a source of protein into the salads that I have been consuming. Hard boiled eggs, hard boiled egg whites, tuna, chicken, etc. I have also been making my own ‘dressing’. A splash of balsamic, a splash of EVOO, and a dot of dijon mustard. Sometimes I add a crank of freshly ground pepper, or a pinch of garlic powder. 🙂 These have been great salads.

My afternoon snack on Monday:


Kashi crackers, light babybel and a dove dark chocolate piece. I worked until 8:30 on Monday and got home around 9:40 on Monday night (stopped for gas, and dinner – I went to McDonald’s because I was starving. I can’t eat healthy all the time!)

I had the best breakfast on Sunday:


Mark made french toast with double protein bread (he knows that I am always searching for inventive ways to get my protein!!) I cut up the strawberries and bananas. A little syrup, and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon. SOOO good! How is it possible that I only had one piece!? I want a piece of french toast right now. Maybe that is because I had a bowl of Greek yogurt, a bit of granola, PB2, cinnamon and a small banana for dinner 😦


I have already packed lunch and breakfast for tomorrow. I am heading to bed to read some of my new book and I am sure I will be falling asleep relatively soon. Right now I am reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (thanks to Jane for bringing it into work for me to borrow!) I think I am about to get really into it. Can’t wait to read.

I hope y’all are having a great week so far. Stay tuned – later this week there will be a Give Away!! The first ever for Sugar & Spice. See you tomorrow!


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