Sorry to be away…

Hello Blog Readers –

I am sorry that I was away the last couple of days. On Wednesday I was in a car accident and it just kind of threw my entire week off. I am fine, and my car is being repaired. All will be fine and dandy soon enough.

I was stopped at a red light on my way to work, and the guy behind me thought I was going and hit my car. 😦 So sad! My brand new car did a good job of not sustaining too much damage, but it turned out to be $1,000 worth. Yikes! Good thing I was not at fault.

So, now I’m driving around town in a sweet rental car until they fix my Subaru. I never thought I would love a 2010 Ford Escape so much – but I do! It will be sort of hard for me to part with it when the time comes.

I did not eat much on Wednesday, I spent most of the day on the phone, feeling upset and shaken – thus no appetite to speak of really. I will get back into things starting tonight or tomorrow, I promise.

Be well y’all and stay safe. I will write more soon!


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