Breakfast · Lunch · Workout

Lots o Food

I was starving most of the day today. Let’s start from the beginning. Breakfast: whole grain English muffin with peanut butter and jam:


Along with one and a half cups of coffee with skim milk. At 10:30 I had a half a cup of Oikos Greek yogurt in a to go container… (you save a bit of money getting the larger containers of yogurt and pack the individual containers each day for work.)


At noon I went for my lunch walk… most of my colleagues are off from work today and tomorrow, so I ended up walking by myself. I really enjoyed the beautiful day. I walked for about 20 minutes.

Lunch was left overs from last night’s dinner. Pasta, organic – low sodium tomato sauce, and chicken sausage:


(it’s not pretty – but it tastes good!)

At 2 o’clock I had a pear because I was still starving.


This pear was soo perfect. At 3 o’clock I had a Clif MoJo bar because I knew that I had my training session at 6 o’clock tonight. Who knows when I would actually get around to dinner. MoJo:


I love this bar. I can’t wait to have another one. Perhaps this will be my pre-training session snack from now on:


My training session was almost a disaster. Last night or this morning I packed my gym bag – or thought I packed my gym bag. It took me quite some time to actually get to the gym. And ocne I got to the gym, I looked in my work bag, and realized that my yoga pants and top were not, in fact, in the stupid bag. I was so depressed. I was looking forward to the session. I had worked really hard to get to the gym on time. (Left work early, went straight to the gym, etc.) My trainer came up to me to figure out why I wasn’t changed and ready to go. When I told her the situation, she totally came to my rescue! She had a ton of extra (and clean) work out clothes in her locker. And she let me borrow a pair of yoga pants and a BSC tee-shirt. She saved my work out life today!!!

The session consisted of pull ups, push ups, ab workouts, kettlebells, lunges, crunches, and so on. It was hard core. After the workout, my trainer had me do 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. I think it was a good thing to stretch out my muscles, and so on.

On my way home I had to run a few errands, and then I went to Cilantro’s for a burrito. I got a chicken burrito, with brown rice (on a whole wheat wrap) with lettuce, salsa, corn, cilantro, tomato, black beans, etc. Mom and I split it down the middle for dinner – it really hit the spot.

Ok, that’s a wrap. The work week is nearly over, thank goodness. I am eagerly awaiting a long weekend! See you tomorrow.


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