Keeping my leg up…

Have I told you how much I hate injuries lately?? Well, I do. I’m home from work today at the suggestion of a doctor / friend and I am busy keeping my leg up, my knee iced and wrapped and taking ibuprofen every couple of hours to try and get the swelling down. This is not fun. At all. Not to mention the fact that I am missing a fun weekend in Connecticut with Mark, his family and our friends. I’m bummed. I will never take walking and running like a normal person for granted again. Not that I was taking it for granted, but when you’re injured and it hurts to even bend your knee, you realize how you never think about walking and how you take your normal relatively painless life for granted. Or at least I guess I did.

Anyhow. Yesterday I was reminded by my trainer that I do not eat enough protein. This is a fact that I certainly know. I do not eat much meat. And sometimes when I am not really thinking about what I am eating I have a serious lack of protein in my diet.

So, today I made breakfast thinking about protein. Here’s what I came up with:

Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin

one egg + one egg white

1/8 cup light monterey jack cheese

Mike’s hot sauce 🙂


It was great. I enjoyed the deck, ate my breakfast while reading my current book:


I only have a few pages left, and will be finishing it within the hour. It’s a good thing I have two other books to start immediately. I am pretty sure I have a lot of reading time in front of me for the next couple of days. I guess sometimes it is good to be forced off of your feet. Perhaps it is my body’s way of telling me I need to relax. I will do my best to listen to it….

Right now I am snacking on a peach.


The peaches are just ok right now. This one came from Whole Foods. I let it ripen for a couple of days and it’s still not quite the right consistency of a real summer time peach. I guess the true season is a couple of weeks away still. July / August, perhaps? I’ll keep testing out the peaches – don’t worry, I will let you know when they are perfect 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!


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