Hey all.

I am definitely feeing my knee tonight. But I made it through another day of work, for the most part. 🙂

I was a bad healthy eater last night, because I did not pack my breakfast and lunch before I went to bed. It’s hard to have the energy or pain tolerance to get on my feet again at the end of the night to pack lunch this week. But I still managed to eat pretty well, I had it all planned in my head – i just did not execute it last night. So I was left to pack the meals this morning. Ugh.


1 piece of Arnold’s double protein bread and a tablespoon of Teddie peanut butter.


leftovers!! (the best ever, for that matter!)





Soooo good. Oh, in case you’re wondering – yes, I did put a few bread crumbs on my mac and cheese! This stuff was heavenly.

OK, I’m off. I cannot wait for a night of reading – but I have a couple of things to get out of the way before then. See you soon… in the next hour or two I have to brainstorm about what to have for dinner. Fun times!


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