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Happy Friday!

Is there something better than the Friday before a holiday / three day weekend??? Right now, I don’t think so. I love the feeling of having three days ahead of you that are “work” free 🙂 and July 4th is one of my favorite holidays, because it is really the only holiday that is really summery.

Just a quick lunch post… This morning we had a special breakfast celebration as it is our intern’s birthday tomorrow. I brought in chocolate chip muffin tops and “two bite” blueberry scones, both from Whole Foods. Both of these snacks were great with my mug of much needed Friday morning coffee.

Yum. It was certainly a carb fest! To make up for the carbohydrate overload, I made myself a Jay Robb protein shake this morning. I enjoyed it in my blender ball, on my way to work. I am making a newly revived effort to get more protein into my daily diet, even when I am not eating meat. Thus, Jay to the rescue!

Lunch was another salad. Note to all of you salad preparers out there… I find that it is always best to prepare your lunch salad the night before, not the morning of. Last night I was drained. No energy could be found to prepare the salad, or anything regarding lunch for that matter.  SO, this morning I was in the kitchen chopping and fixing up my salad… and a tomato exploded onto my favorite white work shirt. Seriously. Two Tide Stick applications later, I’m still left with a small stain on my favorite shirt. Sigh.

But the salad was good – even though I did not take enough time to prepare a great one with lots of veggies and protein. Next time, I promise!


On the side I had a couple of pieces of french bread and veggie hummus, and a can of lemon Polar seltzer. It was such a good combination for lunch.

Signing off for now – see you in a bit for a re-cap on dinner!


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