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Monday Night…

Sometimes having a night to yourself is kind of nice. I definitely like company, but every so often I can make do with a night on my own. I had a long list of things on my to – do list, and I really wanted to get a few things crossed off of it. I made a little deal with myself 🙂 I ordered take-out Thai food, and in return, I had to have a productive evening at home.

Tofu and veggie pad thai was my choice tonight:


The tofu and pad thai was wonderful. I also had nime chow, which I did not take a photo of 😦 I’m such a bad food blogger sometimes!

When I order Thai food, it always involves about a ten minute drive. It is always well worth it. Getting to Apsara Palace usually is not much of a hassle. Tonight was another story! There was a traffic jam due to a four car accident going the opposite way (no one looked seriously injured, thank goodness). I picked up the food and was super eager to get home for dinner! Of course I was stuck in traffic for an uber long time. I took many back roads and eventually got home 🙂 I ate one of the nime chow right away. (Hence no picture taken – oops!)

Monday’s To Do List:

  • Clean Out Car
  • Laundry
  • Email Lauren
  • Dinner
  • Pack breakfast & lunch
  • Blog
  • Clean room
  • Clean desk
  • Grocery store
  • Read

I will get to the reading as soon as this blog post is published. As I have said already, I am really loving The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I cannot wait to get back into it tonight! I was able to do a fair amount of reading on Saturday during my weekend trip to Maine, and I was so happy for that. The rest of the time I had an amazing time with my friends 🙂

The rest of the food from today:

At 11:15 this morning I went down to the caf to see if they had my favorite sandwich today. I was super lucky because they did! I just adore the roasted tomato, pesto and mozzarella sandwich that the caf has a couple of times a week. The sandwich is sort of large, and today it seemed really rich. But of course it was so good!


Today I only ate half of the sandwich, and gave the other half to one of my colleagues in the office 🙂

The exciting news of the day? I went for a great walk at lunch! I walked about 2 1/2 miles, and it was not bad at all… it’s 9pm and my knee is still ok. I really hope I can start walking again on a regular basis. In a week or two I really want to go for a jog – I am really itching to go, but I do not want to do more damage to the knee just as it is starting to heal.

I had an afternoon snack (or two) later on in the day:


I just love my built lunch bag and my nalgene water bottle. Today I had a great afternoon snack of strawberry Chobani. I have not had a lot of the fruity Greek yogurts because they have a lot more carbohydrates. But this was a great treat. I also had a few peanut butter pretzels. Yum.

Ok – I am off to clean my desk and to get my reading done. See you all tomorrow!


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