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My day in review…

The other day my intern and I made a pact. We are going back on a budget. No more buying coffee at work (gulp) and certainly no more buying iced coffee or awesome drinks at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or the caf. We will bring our caffeine from home! Ugh. This sounds really hard to be. But I am going to do my best. We are also going to stop buying our lunches. We can bring our own from home!! We will save so much money.

I find it sort of ironic that I showed up to work today holding a cup of coffee that I bought from Au Bon Pain this morning. Oops. What can I say?? I took the train this morning and I really needed coffee. I was running out of the house this morning and I felt like I barely made the train, even though I had a good five minutes or more waiting for the train to arrive. I felt like I was cutting it close. Even though I was taking a rather early train in this morning, I did not fall asleep – I read my book the entire time. An hour commute well spent if you ask me!

Breakfast today was half a Lärabar. Cashew cookie to be exact. It was sort of another breakfast on the run. I am just glad I did not end up getting a muffin or croissant at ABP to go with my coffee 🙂 I was surprised by how only half of a Lärabar kept me going until lunch time! I guess it helped that I had a super busy day at work and definitely did not have time to think about being hungry at all. I love days where you are so busy that you have no idea where the work day has gone! The other thing about work days like this is that after, you are 100% exhausted. I was so glad that I took the train to work so I could totally veg out on the way home 🙂

Anyhow – I am getting ahead of myself! Guess what I had for lunch?


Tofu and vegetable pad thai of course! I was totally surprised that it was even better left over. It was a great lunch. I was glad that lunch was sort of on the smaller side. I was able to enjoy my afternoon snack – Chobani Greek yogurt along with hemp plus pumpkin seed granola. YUM.

Here is a picture of breakfast and lunch together:


I still have the other half of the Lärabar, maybe for breakfast tomorrow. The commute home was dreadfully slow. Thankfully I was sitting on the train next to my good friend Tim. Train rides go so much faster when you have a friend to talk with. At one point Tim suggested the train might go faster if he got out and pushed. I almost let him 🙂

I’ll be back to talk about dinner!


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