We bought a pizza… and baked it at home

Last night’s dinner was interesting. During the day Mark went to Giuseppe’s Pizza in East Greenwich. This is a place where you order your pizza, they make it with fresh dough and fresh ingredients, and then you take it home and bake it. What do you think of that? I had wanted to try the place because I had heard good reviews, and I was curious… and then I started thinking – what is the point? We’re going to bake the pizza at home!? How good could it possibly be if we’re baking it in our run of the mill oven? I definitely had a good amount of doubt.

Part of my doubt was because it was hot as heck last night, and I was not sure if I wanted to turn on the oven – especially to 450 degrees!

Here is what we had before we baked:


Half cheese, half pepperoni, multigrain crust… hmmm:


The crust was really thin. I was not sure if I was going to like it. Most of the time, if I am going to indulge in pizza, I want awesome crust. (I do love whole wheat, don’t get me wrong)

Here is what we had after we baked in the super hot oven:


Oh my goodness. Pizza awesomeness. Here are my two pieces:


I ate while I finished up last night’s blog post! I was definitely multi-tasking, oh and I enjoyed a beer, too – I love Peroni!


(Writing and eating is something I do a lot – it is almost second nature now!)

On a hot summer’s evening there is nothing like a cold beer – I even poured it into a frosted glass…


Some nights you just cannot beat pizza and beer. For the record, I really liked this pizza a lot. The pizza was $12 – not bad! For a comparison, I looked around at a few other pizza places that cook their pizza to compare prices… Here’s what I found out:

Domino’s pizza gives you crust options, and for a half pepperoni, half cheese thin crust a large pizza would be $12.50 – however, I have not ordered from Domino’s in years. The last time I did, my pizza was actually burned and I find their food super salty.

Ronzio’s pizza is pretty good (still probably high in sodium like most take out places can be – but I do like it!) I could not find a crust option on line, and a large pizza would be about $12 once tax was calculated.

A Pizza Pie-er pizza (large, pepperoni) would be $16

Uncle Tony’s pizza would be $15.80 plus tax. A large is a bit bigger than the pizza we had last night – and it has a lot of crust. Not sure if they have a crust option.

One of my family’s favorite pizza places is Minerva’s Pizza in Providence. We love this place, and my sister always likes to order a pie when she comes home to visit. It is sooo good! On their website, they did not have an option for half pepperoni – but one topping was $11.75 – that probably does not include tax, which is about 7%… so all in all about the same as our pizza was last night.

The above pizzas are cooked at the restaurant. But the benefit of cooking the pizza ourselves was that we got to have it hot right out of the oven. It was great. Mark even had left overs for lunch today 🙂

Wow, all of this pizza talk is actually making me hungry. I’m going to go look to see what is for dinner tonight. Try to stay cool, y’all.


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