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A Mini-Lunch Disaster…

I might have encountered a mini-lunch disaster, but I had a great breakfast! I woke up early this morning and got my day off to a nice and early start. I even allowed myself to grab a cup of coffee and a toasted biscuit before I ran out the door. (You might wonder why it seems I am always running out the door to get to work – more on that at some point)

I put my favorite jam on my biscuit:



I got to work at 7:25 this morning and got off to a busy start. I had a productive day. I am really looking forward to a week off – my vacation starts on Friday! When I saw Katherine at 9:15, she told me that she had taken my advice (which I had given unsolicited on Thursday). I had told her to make banana bread with her over ripe bananas. She brought me a piece! I love Katherine’s BB – it is always fantastic.

Even though I had my small biscuit at 6:20 this morning, I had the wonderful piece of banana bread, too. I had it around 10 o’clock:


At noon I went on a 20 + minute walk with my friend Ann. We walked at a quick pace even though it was 90 something degrees, and the humidity was oppressive. I am glad we got out – we were both in need of some serious Vitamin D.

One I returned, I retrieved my salad out of refrigerator in the staff lunch room and went to my desk to eat lunch. I was bravely eating the remainder of the salad from Friday night’s dinner. It looked fine. But I am definitely not one for eating leftovers that are more than one day old. But, like I said, I was being brave. [For the record – I asked my mom if it was safe to eat the salad. She said it was.

I had a ginger cookie on the side. That was good.


I was about half way done with the salad, when I found a couple of pieces of veggies that were starting to turn. Was it dirt? Mold? It looked like mold. I tried not to freak out, and quickly walked to the trash can and threw the rest of my salad away. This made me sad. Thankfully I had a chobani vanilla yogurt as a back up. 16 grams of protein kept me full for the rest of the day.

I hit the road home at 4 o’clock. Was home a few minutes after 5. I snacked on a few peanut butter pretzels:


You’ll see what I had for dinner tomorrow. I have it for lunch, too. 🙂


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