If you were a cookbook, where would you hide?

This morning I have searched almost my entire house for a cookbook. It is yet to be found. My mom has started searching, too. I am so annoyed and confused. I just cannot figure out where my new Bittman cookbook has walked off to. I have not even made a recipe from it yet! 😦

This morning I made coffee and egg sandwiches. I brought coffee and a sandwich to my mom as she enjoyed her snow day in bed watching Kelly & Ashton Kutcher.

Here is what I started with in the kitchen:


English muffins, egg, butter, cheese and a mug of coffee for myself.

I seasoned the egg with freshly ground pepper and a tad bit of salt as it cooked:


I sprinkled the english muffin with cheddar jack cheese


and popped it into the toaster oven.

Everything only took about five or ten minutes. It is amazing how something so good can be prepared so quickly. I sprinkled the egg with Frank’s hot sauce:


Final product:


It has been snowing all morning and part of the afternoon. It is finally letting up. I was going to cook something from my new cookbook, but that is not happening I guess. If anyone has seen my Food Matters cookbook by the great Bittman, please let me know. Thank you.


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