Egg Sandwich

This morning I woke up and it was snowing. It was the last morning that I could really sleep in and enjoy not being in pain seeing as though my surgery is tomorrow. Sigh. So, I stayed in bed for a while. It was warm, I listened to the quiet falling of the snow on my street… I just love how quiet everything is during a snow storm. I turned on the news, watched from bed the latest happenings in Egypt. I was in bed for maybe 45 minutes before the temptation of coffee was strong enough to get me up. I spent 45 minutes wishing someone would bring me coffee, and then I realized that I was in fact, home alone and no one would be getting me coffee unless it was me. Sigh. I could have really used a coffee ferry of sorts this morning. And some pixie dust for that matter.

Anyhow. Eventually I dragged myself out of bed. Threw on my most amazing fleece robe and tried to get the day started. Thankfully there was enough for a big mug of Starbucks coffee still in my Cuisinart. I added soy milk and heated the mug up in the microwave. As this was happening, I looked around the kitchen, expecting a breakfast (at 11:45) idea to hit me. What was it going to be? I suddenly realized that I was searching for the avocado. We had used half of it the night before in our salad, but the other half should still be around somewhere. I searched in the refrigerator, in on the shelves, on the counter top. No avocado. Sad.

I wanted a sort of awesome breakfast. So I decided on this:


What is that – you might ask. It is an egg (seasoned with fresh pepper, chili powder, garlic powder) with swiss cheese, tomato, spinach and hot sauce. Yum.


Eggs definitely get a bad reputation. But I think they are a good source of protein. I will write more on the pros and cons of eggs soon, but not today.

I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing my room. I will most likely be living in it for the next few days. I have my Apple TV hooked up in my room so I will be able to watch movies in comfort. I hope I will be able to resume reading soon, but most likely it will not be immediately. So, if you do not hear from me – don’t worry – I will post when I am able to type again!

Readers: thank you for both the previous positive thoughts and well wishes and thank you in advance for any that you may send me in the future. I wish you all the best, too!

For those of you who wish to do some blog reading while I am away, recuperating, check out this link:

It is the beginning of the Julie & Julia project by Julie Powell. I have loved going back to the beginning of one of the first food blogs that I have read. It is really entertaining! Just promise that you’ll come back to Sugar & Spice in a couple of days 🙂

Stay well, healthy, warm and happy. I’ll see you soon!


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