Lunch today was the last of the french onion soup along with some veggies and humus. It was so good…


but I must say I am really looking forward to tonight’s dinner. I just hope the dough will turn out alright.

For my soup I made my own croutons because my mom took the last of them to school for lunch with her soup. I toasted a piece of white bread with garlic and parmesan cheese. Then I just cubed the bread once it was toasted. French onion soup isn’t the same without the croutons! I also added fresh parmesan cheese to my bowl of soup.

I spent some time looking in bookstores today for the two cookbooks I’m looking for. The first is entitled, French Cooking in Ten Minutes by Edouard de Pomiane and the second is The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham.

I struck out. More on the books later. I’m going back to A Homemade Life now. The only thing about reading books about food is that I find myself thinking about food a lot, and that can make me hungry or think that I am hungry. I wonder if I eat more food when I am reading books about food. I am going to get some hot tea before I go back to my book…


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