Amazing Pizza

Well, the dough was amazing. I have decided that I cannot make it again because I cannot stop eating the pizza. The night I made it I had two pieces. Thankfully I had a spinach and grape tomato salad on the side:


The whole wheat curst is seriously so delicious. I almost cannot stand how good it is. The dough was a little hard to work with at first, but I eventually got it going. It covered my pan:


I topped the dough with tomato sauce, mozzorella, parm, pepperoni from a dinner party last week, and the last of the red pepper and the mushrooms.

Before the pizza went in the oven:


Post oven time:


I hate to admit it – but yesterday I had three pieces of the pizza (it makes so much!). I had two pieces for lunch with veggie sticks:


I have a new book to put on my all time favorite list:


I have already said this – but if you love food, Paris, and family read this book. It is fantastic.


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