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This weekend…

I roasted a chicken, made mashed potatoes for the first time (!) and baked amazing scones…

Remember how I did not go to the grocery store on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? (and for the record the only thing I bought on Monday was 6 ounces of wild salmon – so that does not really count, right? Kidding. Sort of.)

Well, I went to the market on Friday (twice. Whole Foods for my Free Ranged chicken, and 1% milk from the local dairy) and Trader Joe’s for some staples and things that my mom requested. On Saturday I went back to the market for some fresh produce – radish, red pepper, an ounce or two of fresh mixed greens, a lemon, thyme, and puff pastry for Tuesday night.

So. On Saturday afternoon my great friend Katherine came down to Providence to visit. I had some great food for her. I made radish toasts (a French classic) and we snacked on nuts & dried fruit, veggie sticks and an amazing peppered boursin cheese my mom found at East Side Market.

I roasted a chicken using Thomas Keller’s instructions at the beginning of Bouchon. Katherine and I had a lot of fun looking through the two Keller cookbooks I have (ad hoc at home being the other). Both books are totally beautiful. Our chicken was amazing.

I made a salad with a lot of vegetables and I made my own vinaigrette dressing glancing at a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. Red wine vinegar, a small amount of mayonnaise, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and then olive oil which you have to whisk while you add it in to the other ingredients.

I have to admit – I was a little stressed with the chicken so I did not take any pictures while I was cooking 😦 But now that I have done one roast chicken, I’ll be able to do photographs next time. The bird was seriously beautiful when it came out of our oven.

Can you believe that I have never made mashed potatoes? I have to say, I was nervous to make them but they were not difficult to make. I bought three organic potatoes, which cost me $1.51 – I could not believe the potatoes was so cheap! I have read a lot of articles saying that eating organic when it comes to potatoes (and apples) is actually sort of important. You do not want the chemicals in your potatoes.

So, I peeled potatoes. I cubed them up. I put them in a pot of water (we added a small pinch of salt to the water) and brought the water up to a boil. Katherine and I cooked the potatoes for a while, then when they were cooked through we drained them, put them back in the pot, added a bit of butter (2 tablespoons maybe?) and a bit of 1% milk. We then used our hand mixer to mash them… and then we added a bit more milk. No salt. No pepper. People could season their own potatoes, we decided.

Dinner was finally ready. I still cannot believe that I roasted a chicken and it was really good! Here is what my plate looked like last night:


This afternoon I decided to bake scones. I followed a recipe from Homemade Life. I love this recipe for lemon and ginger scones.

Prep time:


Can I just tell you how much I love lemon zest!? Love it. The diced ginger is on the green cutting board. Yum.

I worked with the dough, which was not as bad as I thought it would be… it made a lovely circle.


I cut the scones into eight pieces.


Baked at 425 degrees for about eleven and a half minutes. Then Katherine and I split and enjoyed a scone together 🙂


I love these scones.

I have to start thinking about dinner now. I am making a salad with chicken and vegetables. I hope you are having a lovely weekend…


2 thoughts on “This weekend…

  1. I’m sorry, did you write that you’ve never made mashed potatos before? RUFKM? That’s CRAZY! How could you be from Rhody?!?

    Btw, my family (specifically my father) makes amazing garlic mashed potatos. It can either involve tossing garlic cloves into the boiling water with the potats, or you cheat totally cheat and add it at the end before whipping up the mashed potats via those jars of chopped garlic in oil. And mashing first is the key to getting rid of lumps, then add any butter and milk/cream to the mix. The final step is to whip them. My father uses his arm to do it, but a hand blender can bring some speed to the process. It yields fluffy and smooth potatos that complement ALL of our special occasions, or even a Tuesday night dinner at home.

    1. Matt- that sounds amazing!! For the record I wanted to put garlic in the potatoes this past weekend – it just sounded like such a good idea! But since I had never made them before (shocking – I know!) I didn’t want to mess around and went for the basic way. I used my mom’s hand mixer, which worked pretty well. Next time I’ll suck it up and add a pinch of salt when I add the butter and milk. 🙂 When am I coming to your next family holiday!?

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