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$20 for the week?

I went to the market again yesterday (Sunday) and spent ten dollars on fresh produce. I am going to try and reduce my spending / food purchasing again this week. I am going to try and limit my week’s spending to 20 dollars. Can I do it? We shall see.

Yesterday I bought cherry tomatoes (I cannot stop eating tomatoes these days!!), an avocado, a cucumber (which isn’t all that good unfortunately), and a bunch of fresh mixed greens because we were out of spinach / lettuce.

Last night I made an amazing salad with things left over from Saturday night’s dinner and some of the new food I bought yesterday. The only thing that was not incorporated was the avocado because it needs another day or two to be perfect.

I didn’t take a photograph – but the salad was a main course and it was so good. I had a piece of left over baguette too. A couple of my friends have mentioned how much they love having a baguette on the first day they bring it home from the market, but by the next day it is stale. Well, wrap it in plastic wrap and you will get at least three days out of it. When it starts feeling a little harder, pop a piece in the oven and it will soften up again and you will be able to eat it. You can definitely get more than a day or two out of a baguette.

For breakfast this morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee, a juice glass of orange juice and a lemon and ginger scone! I dreamt about the scones last night – I must have been super excited to have one this morning. It did not disappoint!!


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