Radish toasts…

One of my favorite snacks would be radish toasts. I had a few tonight because I had the remains of a weekend baguette and radish:


Can someone please explain to me why this combo is so amazing? If you have not tried it here is what you do:

if your bagette is on its last leg (or stale) throw it in the oven (on 225 or so?) until it is heated up a little… you will breathe life into the baguette again 🙂 Slice the bread into thin (1/2 an inch?) slices. Spread a small amount of unsalted butter onto the bread, layer with thinly sliced radish (I use a vegetable peeler to make my radish slice so thin!), and then sprinkle with a tiny amount of kosher salt.


I finally got around to my laundry. I might get around to dinner at some point.


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