Dinner at the Tavern

Last night we had dinner at the Broad and Arrow Tavern at the Harraseeket Inn. There are two ways to dine at the Harraseeket, and every year my mom, sister and I partake in both ways. One night we dine more casually (but superbly) at the Tavern, and the other night we have our fancy dinner at the Main Dining room.

I always loving having dinner or lunch at the Broad Arrow. All of their meals start with a base of organic and locally grown ingredients, which means a great seasonal menu whenever you visit. We also love the atmosphere at the Tavern, it is such a busy and fun place and it is always super warm and friendly especially on a cold, winter Maine evening.


We did not order an appetizer last night, even though they are all wonderful. The main courses were so tempting, it was really hard to make up my mind. I wanted a lobster roll, which the Harraseeket is well known for. But I had been craving fish and chips for about a month – and the Harraseeket is a great place to get fish and chips because the fish is so fresh (caught that day).


My mom loves ordering beef in restaurants because we rarely have red meat at home. Tonight she was true to this habit and ordered a Hoisin marinated grilled beef tenderloin. It was the perfect portion, accompanied by a skewer of vegetables and basmati rice. I had a tiny piece of the beef and rice, and it was marinated and cooked to perfection. I could not have eaten an entire meal of this, but I enjoyed my taste.


My sister ordered what I referred to as the hit of the night. A simple spinach, tomato and asiago cheese pizza with a white sauce and a three cheese blend.


It was very rich, but the flavors were amazing. I had a piece and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah also ordered a side salad which came with the most amazing dressing that we all tasted – next time you make a simple balsamic vinaigrette dressing, add a touch of honey to the mixture – you will not be sorry!

As we were all working on our dinners, the executive chef, Secha, came over to talk with us. We had a really fun conversation – she trained at the New Hampshire campus of Le Cordon Bleu. I have always wanted to attend a class there!!

It was really fun to talk with her and learn about her culinary view, which is so obviously on display at the Broad Arrow. What a fun place to work!


After dinner we went into the sitting room and sat by the fireplace. We had a fun time taking photos of each other:

IMG_0837.JPG  IMG_0834.JPG

IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0824.JPG

Fun times being had by all. I just love the cozy atmosphere of the Inn. If you are looking for a get away, I highly recommend going to the Harraseeket Inn.


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