Weekend Get A Way

My mom, sister and I are on a mini-vacation this weekend. We are in Maine at the Harraseeket Inn, one of our favorite places. We got into our room where we were greeted by some food and goodies:


Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a cheese and fruit plate (thanks to our fantastic friend Leanne!). But the first thing on our agenda was to go downstairs and enjoy the Inn’s high tea. This is something they offer from 3:30 until 4:30 every afternoon to the folks staying at the Inn. Members of the public are welcome to join for high tea as well, it is only $7.50 per person.

I really love tea at the Inn. It reminds me of the months I spent in York, England. On Friday afternoon I had a small plate mixed with fruit (the pineapple is always so amazing here!), a tea sandwich and an elephant ear cookie:


I paired my snacks with chamomile tea.

My sister took a quick nap during tea, I think she might have been tired from doing all of the driving:


She eventually enjoyed tea, too. After tea we went for a walk through downtown Freeport. We stopped into a few stores (J. Crew, Northface, Banana Republic, etc.). A couple of hours later we came back to our room and enjoyed a champagne toast:


and a couple of chocolate covered strawberries – what a treat!



We had a fun filled afternoon. I hope you are all having a nice and relaxing weekend, too!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Get A Way

  1. The breakfast you will be enjoying tomorrow is super. Send more photo’s. This a nice time to go to Freeport.

    1. Hi Cathy! Yes, I agree, I just love the breakfast at the Inn. It was wonderful today – I will post about it shortly. Do you have a favorite part of breakfast here? I am always partial to their blueberry muffins which I think are fantastic!

    1. Hi Marilyn – Yes, we are having a nice time. It is rainy and gray here – but last year it was so warm that people were wearing flip flops – hopefully next year we will have the warm weather back! Lots of snow and ice on the ground here this year! Hope the sun is out in Colorado!!

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