Monday Night: Dinner for One

Here is yet another ‘idea’ when you are cooking a dinner for one…. a rice, bean and vegetable quesadilla, on a whole wheat tortilla.


I started cooking the rice about a half hour before I wanted to eat. I seasoned it with garlic and chili powder. After the rice cooked for about twenty minutes, I started my beans in another small pan. (I used a can of Trader Joe’s black beans for the record.) Once the beans started heating up, I cut up some red pepper and onion and started sautéing them. After a couple of minutes, I added a big handful of spinach.

Once the vegetable mix was cooked, I took it out of the pan and added the tortilla to the pan. I sprinkled the tortilla with cheddar cheese, scooped a spoonful or two of both the rice and beans and then added the vegetable mix again. I cooked the tortilla for a minute, filled it and cooked it again. The organic salsa on the side was perfect – no need for sour cream!

When you are on your own for dinner, this is a really perfect thing to make. I made enough rice and beans so I can have this for a couple of nights this week. Tonight I am having a dessert – homemade key lime pie, which our friend Dave sent home with us after lunch yesterday. I cannot wait!!!


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