A couple of things…

I forgot to mention a couple of things in my earlier post.

First and most importantly: dinner tonight (chicken, potato pancakes made from scratch, and asparagus) was amazing. It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time – definitely the best meal I have had at home since before I was sick. It was such a great surprise to find out that my mom was making dinner tonight, especially after a 14 hour day!

Second and far less important: I think you should know that I eat ice cream very often. Like four times a week or so. There is always ice cream in our freezer, usually the kind made with low fat milk, and all natural. On the nights when I do have ice cream, I put it in a little dish that holds less than half a cup. It is a treat and I love it. I grew up having ice cream for dessert most nights of my childhood. Sometimes if I am hungry after a light dinner, I will have a bowl of cereal and skim milk or a piece of whole wheat bread and almond butter. I almost never document these evening snacks because I am exhausted by then, and I have already published my last post of the day. But I think it is good to put such statements out there 🙂

I love ice cream. I love almond butter. I love homemade cookies…



…and I might make some tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


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