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Sunday Night Prep

Can someone please tell me why – on earth – it takes me so long to pack my lunch??? On the nights where I can stand to force myself to do this, it takes quite a while. Perhaps I should start playing music or talking to a friend on the phone while I do it. I just cannot understand why it takes me so long.

Here is what I have prepped for breakfast and lunch tomorrow:


Breakfast: Stonyfield low fat (yes! I found it @ Whole Foods on Saturday!) yogurt and a little container of granola.

Lunch: A salad with spinach, red pepper, carrots, tomato, scallions and making a special appearance: chicken breast. I am actually very excited for the chicken addition to my salad. I need to add protein to my lunch. Along with the salad, I made my salad dressing (pictured below the apple) which is a bit of sesame oil (about a teaspoon?) about two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, pinch of sugar and a small (very) smidge of salt. On the side of my salad, there is a slice of sour dough bread (which I think came from Olgas?)

Afternoon snack: Apple and almond butter.

Insane. There are a ton of little containers, a lot of prep, but at least it is all done. The rest of the red pepper is sliced up, so tomorrow’s salad might take a little less time?

Tomorrow’s salad is pretty – and I know I will love it tomorrow when I am having lunch. Actually, I am already looking forward to it – so I guess it is worth the time. 🙂


Tonight my mom made chicken and dumplings for dinner. Talk about serious comfort food. This dinner was amazing:


It was exactly what I needed.

I am off to do some more reading. If you have a good book to recommend – let me know! See you tomorrow.


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