Veggie and Turkey Tomato Sauce

I have a new go to dinner! Last night when I was starving this dinner really saved me and it was so simple! As a brief recap – I quickly sliced up a small onion, three mushrooms, and heating up some frozen broccoli, I browned a bit of ground turkey (the package was 3/4 and I used half of it and got over two meals out of it!). I cooked the onions, then added the turkey, once it was mostly cooked through I added the mushrooms and then the tomato sauce and at the end the broccoli. While this was all cooking I was also making the whole wheat pasta. It was such a wonderful combination! I felt like I was getting an extra serving of vegetables and still enjoying my pasta 🙂

I was really looking forward to a repeat today – and that is exactly what happened! Dinner tonight was fantastic.


I am off to read and think about my to – do list for tomorrow. I cannot wait to get a good night’s sleep tonight !


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