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A Second Breakfast…

I am happy to report that adding a ‘second’ breakfast in to my day really helped me out today! I left work today a little bit after four o’clock and I was not nearly as hungry as I was yesterday. I might start more of my early mornings with a piece of whole wheat toast and peanut butter…

Officially my second breakfast was at 10:30 this morning. I sliced up half a banana and added that to my flax and chia seed mix that I sprinkled over toe yogurt. This was a great snack / meal, whatever you want to call it.


The banana slices were a great addition to the yogurt.

Lunch was a little bit after noon today. I was not actually hungry for lunch, until I got my salad out of the staff refrigerator and saw how good it looked 🙂 I am so glad that I literally forced myself into the kitchen last night to chop up some vegetables for this great salad. Same ingredients as the day before except for the carrots because I’m out:


red / yellow pepper

red onion (this adds such great flavor to the salad – how have I not thought of this earlier!?)




Newman’s own salad dressing (approximately a tablespoon) the dressing was one from the “lighten up” line, a ginger flavor which I like but it is rather high in sodium, especially compared to the ones that I make at home. But on the nights you really do not want to make lunch, a salad dressing from a bottle is a great thing!

I also had a piece of baguette with my salad. It was a great lunch.


I am taking the day off from the gym. I went to Target on my way home from work and got some omega 3 gummy vitamins! I have already taken my first dose. I wonder how long it will take before I start feeling effects, if any. I also wonder if the dreary weather might be affecting my knee. (I sort of hope so – because the rain will eventually go away!) When I got home from Target I drank a glass of 1% milk and iced my knee again.

Tonight I will be doing some reading which I am looking forward to! I am still reading Born to Run which I am loving. At the Marathon Expo I picked up two books from Nancy Clark who is my friend’s aunt and she writes on sports nutrition. I have been looking forward to meeting her for years now – it was great to see and talk to her on Sunday. I have started both books (Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for Marathoners and Nancy Clark’s Spots Nutrition Guidebook) and I am really enjoying both of them. I am re-learning a lot, and taking a lot of tips from the books. I love her idea of not eating the same thing every single day (which I totally do!!) but having a goal of eating 35 different foods during one week. Such a great idea!

OK, I am off to heat up my left overs for dinner. See you in a bit!


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