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The Secret Is Out… sort of

Well bloggies – happy Friday. TGIF indeed. As of last night a secret I’ve been keeping pretty well is now out to most of my friends, so I figured I would share it would you readers, too. Tomorrow morning I am running my first post-surgery race. I would not say that I am looking forward to it, exactly – but I think it will be a good thing to do.

On Tuesday I ran 3.3 miles, Wednesday I did the same and last night I walked from my office to the train at a really speedy pace (the walk is about 1.2 miles) and then I went to the gym talked to my trainer, and did the elliptical machine for just over half an hour.

I am the worst at pre-race traditions. I try to keep everything the same (my diet, exercise routine, what I will be running in for the race) but it is inevitable that things change. Sometimes this stresses me out.  Last night I started doing laundry to make sure that all of my clothing options for the race would be clean.  I then discovered that I had lost a sock. Not just any sock – a sock that I do all of my running in. I used to have three pairs of these socks at one point. Now I am down to one and a half. Which means tonight not only do I have to get to downtown to pick up my bib number, I also have to get to City Sports where I might buy four more pairs of the socks. How is it that socks always disappear????  It drives me crazy.

Yesterday I packed a lot of food for work:

For breakfast I had a Kashi granola bar. It did the trick, getting me to lunch time which was about 12:20 yesterday.

For the record: I did not want a salad for lunch, but I made the gruesome discovery on Wednesday night that my whole wheat pita had gone moldy – disgusting. Perhaps it was the overly humid weather?? It was heart breaking 😦  But of course I made due with a pretty amazing salad that had the following:




cucumber (which was the worst cucumber I’ve bought in recent memory)

red peppers


Dressed with a sprinkling of Newman’s Own lighten up dressingthe soy ginger flavor.  Along with the salad I had a yogurt, with Kashi go lean crunch, chia seeds and flax seeds mixed in. I snacked on some grapes. At 2:30 I had the four peanut butter crackers. On the train last night I had the Adora disc.

I did not get home from my day until nearly 8 o’clock last night and I was starving after my light gym workout. Thankfully my mom had everything well under control in the kitchen!

Dinner was served post – shower, and I enjoyed it with a glass of skim milk while I was icing my knee (preventative!)

This was an amazing chicken stir fry with vegetables. I asked for the cous cous on the side (some carbs!). I loved this dinner and contemplated seconds, but I decided to save some chicken and cous cous for dinner tonight.
The other day I went shopping and decided to try on some jeans. My friend took a photo and sent it to my sister for her opinion as he tried to talk me into them.

I bought them because it is so hard to find jeans that fit well. They are still in the bag. I might try them on again tonight and decide.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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