Breakfast · Dinner · Lunch · Walk

Day 2 of 5…

There are just some days when I do not have that much to report, but I feel like letting you know what I was up to today.

Here is a brief recap of food:

Breakfast @ 8am – a banana and travel mug of coffee

Morning Snack: 10am – Kashi peanut butter granola bar (6 grams of protein!)

LUNCH – pizza party at work! I had two pieces of cheese pizza

Afternoon Snack: 4:10pm – Stonyfield yogurt w/Kashi go lean crunch, chia and flax seeds.


Exercise – being on my feet most of the day and then the walk to South Station which is just over a mile. I enjoyed wearing my new Nike Free sneakers today – will post a photo soon. They are beautiful! (And bright!)

No gym today – I forced myself to take a day off. Good idea? I’m not sure – but I did it anyway.

Dinner: Annie’s mac & cheese with tomatoes, spinach, and broccoli and a salad of spinach, red peppers, tomato, and a small amount of chicken for added protein.

I’ve been watching the Celtics game since 7 o’clock. At some point I have to break away to pack tomorrow’s lunch. I might go for something easy, like a peanut butter and jam sandwich and a yogurt and save the salad for dinner tomorrow night.

Tomorrow will be my first Wednesday at work since November. Is that possible?

This Annie’s mac and cheese with vegetables has been amazing. Sometimes you just have to go with something like this – it is a huge time saver, not too unhealthy and it is easy to bulk up with vegetables, and add some extra nutrition to it! 🙂


I am really craving a cookie right now – but I do not have one. If I did, I would enjoy it. Hope you are all having a great evening – see you tomorrow!


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