Thursday’s Dinner

I have been sticking to my ‘sort of’ defined meal plan this week… tonight was another salad, but tonight I put it in a multi grain wrap. Here were some of the ingredients on the cutting board:


Red peppers

Orange peppers

Yellow peppers



(I am sorry to say that I am out of tomatoes, used the last of them in last night’s salad!)

I cooked up a (vegan) boca burger (13 grams of protein!) in the microwave and heated up my multi-grain wrap with some cheddar cheese in the toaster oven. I added salsa, spinach, and hummus to the wrap and then piled it high with chopped up veggies and boca. . . .

The wrap ended up being piled so high I could not wrap it! I needed a fork to eat this:


It was so tasty! I ate the salad until it was small enough to wrap up – and then I enjoyed that aspect of dinner 🙂

I spent most of the night packing for my weekend in New York. I also tried to pack some healthy options for food during my drive to New York. It is hard to pack healthy food when you do not have a whole lot of food at home. I would kill for a couple of apples right now. But we are out of them. I packed some peppers, I made a peanut butter and nutella ‘sandwich’ on another multi-grain wrap (yum!) and packed a Larabar. I am also bringing a lot of water (and a few water bottles – I am not buying bottled water!), and I will definitely be stopping at a rest stop or two for iced coffees.

I hope you have had a nice Thursday night. Signing off for now – time to head for bed.


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