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The first unofficial week of half marathon training was a success. Here is a brief recap:

Tuesday: over one hour of cardio, 30 minutes of strength training and a couple of wall sits (I’m hoping to avoid runner’s knee this time around and wall sits are supposed to help)

Wednesday: half an hour of cardio (dinner plans kind of kept me from a longer work out – but I was pleased that I was able to get in 30 minutes of exercise before dinner!)

Thursday: 4 1/4 mile run

Friday: 40 minute training session with Celeste. It was awesome. We did a rather killer core workout which I felt the next day 🙂

Saturday: 3 1/2 mile run

I am starting to figure out why some of my friends have complained about gaining weight during marathon and half marathon training. This week I have been focusing more on my workouts than eating well. This is a dangerous combination because after a long workout I am usually starving and if I did not have the best food at home to make a healthy meal after running, I could fill up on food that is not necessarily the best to eat (for my body).

This week’s goal will be to focus on both working out and eating healthy food choices.

Thursday after my run I went to the grocery store and I simply could not find anything to eat. After walking through East Side Market, I picked up a couple of Greek yogurts, paid and went home. Eventually I decided on making Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I bulked up the meal by adding spinach, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. It was a decent meal and I had two helpings because I was starving after the run.


By Friday I was doing a better job of getting my eating back on track. Breakfast was a Kashi granola bar. Lunch was water and the rest of the mac and cheese:


…. and a good book on my nook!

My afternoon snack was a new flavor of Chobani Greek yogurt. I really love the mango flavor now!


After work I went home to water the plants that looked sort of dead in my backyard (this heat is horrible for everyone and everything) and then made my way to the gym where I met up with my trainer Celeste. After a great 45 minute work out (including many ab and core exercises and then 15 minutes of TRX exercises) I showered and went to Danielle’s for dinner.

We enjoyed a glass of wine and great conversation in her air conditioned home 🙂 and had a great dinner. Salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, avocado, and fresh mozzarella cheese and salmon burgers from Whole Foods. I had never had a WF salmon burger – they were so good!



Friday was a good end to a busy week. Good exercise, good food, and a nice evening with one of my best friends. 🙂


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