Banana Cupcakes

How is it Wednesday already? This week is getting away from me – which is both a good and a bad thing… (I do love when the work week is busy and goes by quickly).

Last night D and I set off on a culinary adventure. We had dinner, a beer and baked cupcakes. Sounds like a pretty good summer night, no?  I packed up my Kitchen Aid Mixer and hauled over the equipment to D’s house on the East Side (before we started cupcakes, I did run my scheduled 3.1 miles – for the record).

The kitchen aid was happy to see some action last night…

Danielle and I made banana cupcakes. They were amazing. I made the frosting and Danielle frosted a couple of cupcakes for us to taste after our night in the kitchen:

The finished product:

Danielle’s husband and my mom were the taste testers – they both approved.

Back to work today.  Happy Hump Day, everyone. Hope your Wednesday is swell.


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