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Hot Trot

The last thing in the world I wanted to do last night was make a salad and prep a smoothie. Somehow I managed to force myself to do both, and I was pretty happy today that I made myself get to work in the kitchen last night.

The smoothie was good – but we were running low on protein powder, so I put in some Amazing Meal as well. I left the house at 6:12 this morning, but did not start sipping on my smoothie until 6:45 this morning. It was still nice and cold and quite refreshing.

At 11:45 I broke into my lunch a bit early and snacked on a small handful of almonds, cashews and dried mango.

Lunch was the same ol’. A salad, a Greek yogurt and that is about it. You might be able to tell from the photo that last night I was not into chopping the vegetables.


It was still a good salad though. Glad I threw in some croutons for some extra crunch, and the chicken really helped with the protein factor. The Greek yogurt helped take away the hunger factor, too. Thank goodness for that.

At 3:30 I had a Kashi granola bar because I was starving and I knew I had a run coming up after work.

I drove home, sat in traffic for a bit, and eventually got to my run. I think I started around 5:45 or so. It was hot, hard to breathe and rather disgusting. I hate when running pisses me off – but today was sort of one of those days. I think when it is over 90 degrees I might just not run outside. But what can you do in the summer? It is hot and humid most of the time, and I always want to run. I am starting to wonder if I can re-evaluate my running schedule and run before work in the mornings. I am just not sure how that could work.

After the run I went back to Boston Sports Club, showered, re-hydrated, changed and left. 3.2 miles was all I had in me today. I went to Whole Foods to pick up some spinach for tomorrow’s salad – and I hoped to find something for dinner. Thankfully, for the first time in what seemed like forever, I found something for dinner. Sushi – a California roll, with brown rice.

When I finally got home, the sushi made me feel so much better. I also had a Sea Dog wild blueberry beer. Mom snapped a picture, because I was pretty happy in my post run sushi / beer state:


The sushi was great and it really hit the spot – I loved eating something cold. Tomorrow is my scheduled day off, thank goodness. Soon enough I will be going into the kitchen to prep tomorrow’s food.

Oh, in case you were wondering – here is a photo of last night’s amazing dinner sandwich:



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