Breakfast · Lunch · Walk


I had the best peach for breakfast this morning! Because yesterday was a bit of a disastrous day for my stomach, I decided to switch up the breakfast routine a bit. Instead of my awesome smoothie I opted for a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a peach.

I had no idea that this peach was going to be so amazing – but it was. It tasted like summer should taste. It was the perfect ripeness (which sometimes for peaches can be a day over ripe?), sweet and juicy. It made my morning special.

I went for a (much deserved) walk with my friend KF today at lunch. It was a 10+ day weather wise. This morning it actually felt a little bit like fall was in the air because it was only in the low sixties. It heated up nicely by lunch time though – probably in the low 80s? I was hot during the walk, but it was beautiful and there was a nice breeze coming off the water. We walked two miles.

Lunch was at my desk, and it was a Whole Foods burrito. 370 calories, and pretty filling (of course I was still hungry after having it).

I hope your hump day is peachy as well and that you are taking advantage of the fresh and local produce that might be available in your area during the last weeks of summer.

Tonight I am going to see the film Sarah’s Key which was an amazing book – I hope the movie was well done.  I am trying not to have very high expectations, but sometimes it is hard not to. Kristin Scott Thomas plays the lead, so I have hopes that I will not be disappointed…

See you all tomorrow!


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