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The rest of the day…

…was better than the beginning of my day. I worked a little later than normal today, but still had enough time to get a five mile run in after work. I definitely think that the jelly beans helped me get through my post-work run. 🙂 Thank you, NR!

As I was driving to the gym, I was watching the sky intently. I was nervous because the sun was sort of out and there were extremely dark clouds in the sky, too. A perfect recipe for a thunder storm. I am fine with running in the rain – sometimes on a hot summer day it is refreshing. But I draw the line at thunder storms. I really try to avoid them.

After the run I ran into my trainer and we talked about some of the issues I was having in my training. Most of the issues revolve around the running and the fact that I am basically starving all the time. She encouraged me to get back into weight training which I tried not to scoff at and she reminded me of the importance of getting more protein into my diet. (Why is this such a struggle for me!?) So, we are coming up with a plan and we are going to see where we are at in a couple of weeks.

In the past four days I have logged 22 1/2 miles running. I am sort of proud of that.

When I got home I fixed a glass of skim milk with a scoop of When protein mixed in. I should have had some greek yogurt for dinner. But instead I had the rest of my mom’s wonderful eggplant parmigiana and a piece of bread. What can I say??? After five miles I cannot resist homemade leftovers… But adding the skim milk and whey protein really helped me put the post-run hunger to rest. I plated my dinner on a lunch plate, and I had a smaller serving because of it.

Mom’s eggplant parm was a huge hit at her book group dinner last night. She used a Bittman recipe, and some of my homegrown basil which I think really helped (not that I’m taking all of the credit or anything!).

I added an extra spoonful of tomato sauce to my plate, too. Filling, healthy and sort of low in calories.

The rest of my night will be spent doing laundry, catching up in some reading and so on.

Have a great night – see you tomorrow.


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