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Jelly Bellies…

Happy Tuesday, bloggies. I hope your day was off to a better start than mine was this morning. My drive in to work was sub-par, to say the least. I barely made it to work. I was not feeling well at all (post surgery complications, to be expected I am told for up to a year after) but I did make it to work. I did not have my smoothie or my coffee which made my drive even less enjoyable this morning – you all know how I dig my morning treats while I drive to work, right?


For the first few hours at work I was still feeling poorly. But by 9:30 I felt well enough to try and eat something. My smoothie was not going to work this morning, so I popped it in the staff freezer for another time.

Instead I had a peanut butter granola bar that I always have in my work bag as a “just in case”.  I was glad to have it today.

Pretty boring breakfast to report on, but it did the trick. I never got around to having coffee at all – which could be another reason I am feeling a bit blah today. Who knows.

In the past three days I’ve logged 17 1/2 miles in running. Could this be why (besides my stomach problems today) I am basically starving all the time?? I wonder. I think it probably is. The more you run, the hungrier one can get. The trick is to not over eat, and consume more calories than you are actually burning. I am not sure how I am doing in this balancing act these days.

Today my friend NR called me at my desk and told me to come down to see what she had in her office. Here is the look on my face when I saw what she was talking about:

Jelly Bellies? Yes. Please. I had a few while NR and I talked about running during our morning work break. I have definitely been back to the Jelly Belly dish a couple of times today. One serving is 35 beans, and that is 140 calories (approximately) I would say it is safe to bet that I have had 35 beans today.

At lunch I went for a short walk with my friend KF… I had every intention on getting at least a couple of miles in during my lunch walk – but it quickly started raining just a couple of moments after we left the building. I could have kept going, but we headed in. We might have gotten a quarter mile walk in. Sub – par to say the least. But we made the best of it: we grabbed our lunches from the staff fridge and had an impromptu office picnic.
I had my salad. It was great.

I also had another babybel (light) cheese and 5 whole wheat crackers.
KF and I talked about life as we were sitting on the office floor enjoying lunch. It continued to rain outside.

So anyhow. That has been the day so far. Running after work. Laundry, dinner, same ol’ stuff. I will be back in a bit to continue and report on this lackluster day. 🙂


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