Dreary Monday

It is a rainy, dreary Monday.

I had a smoothie for breakfast this morning. Here is what was in the mix:

1 1/2 handfuls of blueberries

1 small banana

3/4 C plain, fat free yogurt

1/2 t chia seeds

1 t ground flax seeds

1 T PB2

3/4 scoop WF whey chocolate protein powder

1/2 scoop Amazing Meal



It made two smoothies.

I was so pleased that I found my large smoothie container last night. I left the house with my smoothie and a travel mug full of coffee.

It made my ride in to work rather enjoyable. I almost like my commutes in August because the majority of New England is loving one of the best months of the year – and most people are on vacation 🙂

Lunch today was a salad with boiled chicken breast, croutons, sliced almonds, scallions, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, etc. The usual lunch time salad.

I also packed a mini babybel cheese and some whole wheat crackers to go with the salad.
Last night I came up with a sort of brilliant idea (at least in my book). I often try to re-use the plastic snack bags I use to pack my lunch every day. Sometimes I forget what goes in which bag, and end up throwing the bag out. Last night I labeled my bags so that I can get at least a weeks use out of them. Going down from 10 plastic snack bags a day to TWO makes me feel a little better…

People at work definitely thought I was strange for labeling my bags. After I explained my reasons behind it, they thought it was a pretty good idea, too. Go me.
For lunch I ate the salad, the cheese and the whole wheat crackers. However, I am still hungry (as usual) and I will probably have to go back and get my Greek yogurt soon. This usually happens the day after I have a long run – so I guess the 7.25 miles from yesterday is still haunting me. At least I am not in pain – no knee pain and no hip pain – yippee! I will take hunger over injuries any day of the week.

I hope your Monday and work week is off to a good start.


4 thoughts on “Dreary Monday

  1. I’m looking at it this way – at least I’m at work and not on vacation. Not that I would mind a rainy day or two while on vacation, but sometimes having dreary days when I am in the office is ok with me. 🙂
    Ahh… vacation – only nine and a half work days left… but who’s counting.

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