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Julia’s Boeuf

As some of you know, I have been wanting to make Julia Child’s classic Boeuf Bourguignon for days. This past week we experienced perfect fall weather in Boston and Providence.  It was only getting up into the low 60s during the day and dropping into the forties at night. PERFECT for fall cuisine. I was craving soups, beef stew, pasta and so on.

I had told AFM and my mom that Boeuf would definitely be on the menu this coming weekend.  And then I looked at the forecast – it was going to be in the 80s. It was going to be more like summer rather than October. I was horribly disappointed by this turn in the weather.

I decided not to let the weather forecast get in my way. On Sunday morning I woke up knowing one thing. Boeuf Bourguignon was going to be made, while AFM and I watched football. We were going to continue on with our fall activities. Hot weather be damned.

At 11AM AFM and I left the house with a shopping list and our reusable grocery bags. We first headed off to Dave’s to see if we could get everything we needed there.  We got some great stewing beef (black angus), some thick cut bacon (I couldn’t find slab bacon because Dave’s in Cumberland does not have a butcher 😦 ).  We bought most everything at Dave’s, including an amazingly fresh and aromatic loaf of French bread. The one thing we could not find at Dave’s were the little white boiling onions. They sort of make the dish, too – so they are really important.

We bought the rest of our groceries and then loaded the bags into the  car and headed over to East Side Market. I knew they had boiling onions because I bought them there the last time I made Boeuf Bourguignon! Leave it to me to know where I can get ingredients for some of Julia’s classic recipes.

So, we drove to East Side Market. We walked in, grabbed the boiling onions, a small container of milk (it’s always a good idea to have milk in the house – you never know when you might need it). We then got in line with every other person from the East Side of Providence. Not that I wasn’t expecting this, it was Sunday, Pre-Patriots game. Thankfully the line moved relatively quickly.

After leaving the market, we walked over to Bottles to grab a bottle of wine for the Boeuf. We decided on a simple French table wine. It was very good. We went with Juila’s advice – if it’s not good enough to drink, it’s not good enough to cook with. I had a couple of glasses of the table wine as we were cooking the boeuf.

Once we got home it was nearly 1 o’clock. We got started on the meal. I was so consumed by the recipe that I did not snap a single photo. Apologies.

From 1 o’clock until 5:45 that evening we were doing something with the Boeuf. It was so much fun, the house smelled amazing, and it was a great way to spend a Sunday – unfortunately for AFM the Giants lost. 😦

Somehow we were able to convince my sister and her friend to come down to Prov from Boston for dinner.

Yesterday’s Boeuf Bourguignon was the best I have made yet:

The fresh parsley really made the stew even better. The onions and mushrooms were my favorite part of the meal! We served the Boeuf over a slow cooked rice which was cooked in beef stock and water.

AFM made an apple crisp for dessert too which was a perfect balance after the stew.

I hope everyone that has a long weekend  is enjoying having a day off today. Are long weekends not just the best??

I will be back soon. See you in a bit!



3 thoughts on “Julia’s Boeuf

  1. Your final product looks terrific. Don’t think I’ve ever had this. I bet the aroma filled the house and made you all hungry!

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