Friday already??

It has just been one of those weeks. Everything seemed to be on fast forward, and somehow it is already Friday. I do not understand! But I am not complaining.

Tuesday night I had an amazing salad for dinner that my mom made! I had some red wine and bread, too. It was an amazing dinner. Once I figure out the new google photo thing, I will post an image of the salad because it is beautiful.

Wednesday night I met my friends Tim and Nicole’s newest addition, Charlie. He is adorable and only 5 1/2 pounds. He is a cute bundle, and I held him for an hour.  [heart melts] I happened to come over while Danielle was over – and she is a great sister (to Nicole) and brought an amazing dinner over. I had a helping of roasted chicken, spinach salad, and rice pilaf. It was such a great comfort food meal and it was a lot of fun to be around the table again with some of my oldest friends.

Last night I had turkey chili for the first time this season. It was mom who was in the kitchen for this meal again (what is going on in my house!?) and the chili was so warming and hearty. I loved it. We had toppings of Cabot cheddar cheese, sour cream and freshly chopped scallions. Mom also made corn bread from scratch which was amazing.

OK, I will post more later about the activities this weekend. Sound be interesting.

See you in a bit.


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