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Pain, pain, go away.

Seriously, WTF? Ugh.

Ok, for the record – today was a pretty good day. Besides the fact that I was so exhausted when my alarm went off this morning I simply could NOT get up and get going to save my life. Nope, I just could not do it. Even though I went to bed early and slept really well all night. I do not know why 5:29 AM just seems way too early these days (oh, maybe because it’s pitch black out when the alarm goes off? I don’t know.)

So, I was running late. Because of this it took me a [very] long time to get to work this morning. But somehow I was able to relax, listen to NPR and listen to good music. Another nice thing, the work day was good. Busy and productive – the time went by really quickly and I love days like this. 🙂

Food: boring.

Breakfast: “instant” (gross) oatmeal.

AM Snack: Oops. A fun size Snickers!!! Oh come on, it was Halloween on Monday. I’ve only had two pieces of candy so far – and they were both ‘fun size’. I’m fine with it.

Lunch: Amy’s burrito. Yeah, there were beans in it. But I am trying things in moderation.

Afternoon: Tea.

Dinner: Went out to dinner with Jane. We were long over due for a non-work meal together and we were both really looking forward to dinner. We had originally planned on going to a great French restaurant in the Boston area. But because of my recent stomach issues, we decided to dull it down a bit. We ended up going out for some fancy pizza.

Dinner was at Wicked.

We split a small Caesar salad which was amazing. I have not had a salad since Last Wednesday – it has been a week 😦 and this one was great. Not exactly what I usually make for a salad, and it was a treat for sure.

Our pizza was also amazing.  We ordered the grilled portabella and spinach pizza. This pizza also came with roasted peppers, caramelized onions, roasted garlic and truffle oil!!!  This is the second time I have had this pizza and I love it. All of the flavors work so well together.

After dinner Jane and I walked around Legacy Place for a few minutes. We both stopped into Whole Foods where I figured out the following. When you are on a bland diet and cannot buy cool foods, you can get out of WF with spending less than ten dollars.

Take a look at what I bought tonight – it makes me want to cry:

I’m sorry  – do I have a food blog!? Ugh. People, bare with me. This blog will eventually get more interesting.

After Whole Foods, I drove home. When I walked into the house my stomach was already hurting! I was doubled over for a few minutes, and eventually it subsided (after I took medicine). Sigh. Too much at dinner? The food consumed was amazing, but I did not consume a lot of it.

AFM and I are going to come up with some interesting ideas this weekend. They are going to include vegetables  –  roasted, or cooked somehow – and some proteins. They are going to be healthy and they are going to taste good. Hopefully whatever we come up with will not make me sick.

What would you do if you were told that you could not eat your favorite foods as much as you usually do? If you have any recipes that include cooked vegetables please let me know 🙂 I think I am ready for the challenge!

I hope you are all having a great week and thanks for reading! See you tomorrow. 🙂


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