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PB&J and so on

A reason for a celebration: it is ALMOST 9 o’clock on a week night and I am not in bed yet! But I will be soon.

But before I head to bed,  here is a brief recap of the day.

Breakfast was at 8:45 this morning. 2% Greek Yogurt – the banana strawberry kind, my favorite!

I definitely needed a morning snack – thankfully I remembered that I had an apple in my lunch bag which I had packed on Wednesday and forgotten about. It was a bit bruised but it was still in fairly good shape.

I didn’t know that it was National Sandwich day until Nichole told me at work. It almost made it a little better that I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch. I felt like I was taking part of the celebration. I had some carrot sticks, too.

I ate lunch at my desk and worked, and then took a half an hour walk outside. It was a beautiful day – at least 60 degrees and sunny. I am soaking up every single nice day that is left before winter sets in around New England.

This afternoon we had a celebration at my office.  As I have mentioned in the past, we recently finished a major project. Today we had cake to celebrate reaching such a mile stone – and it was kind of fun to take a break from our very busy work schedules to take a moment relax and eat cake!
I loved the design – my boss had it made at Party Favors in Brookline – and I just love Party Favors 🙂 even if they are closed the week of my birthday. [I’m sorry party favors – people WERE and are born the week after New Years and they need cupcakes TOO!]

I worked a little extra today at the office, for the second day in a row. Then I went to an open house with my mom at our favorite places – Comina. I could purchase the entire store and put it in my non-existent house.  It was a fun open house with wine and hors d’ourves – I did not have any wine because I had to get to the gym after the open house but I did have a brie and raspberry jam in a pastry shell.  A dainty after work treat!

I got to the gym at 6:45 tonight. It had been a SUPER long day by this point. When I put down my gym bag and my huge work bag, I started looking for my running shoes. They were not in the gym bag or the work bag. Are you kidding me???? [I said in my head] I quickly ran to the car praying [is it ok to say that? yes, I was praying] that my spare running shoes would be in the trunk of my Subaru.  I was so happy to find them.  I ran back into the gym, changed, put on the spare running shoes and hopped on the elliptical machine. I worked out for 35 minutes  –  bringing my total exercise time to an hour and five minutes for the day. Sweet!

I got home, showered, changed and finally sat down for dinner at 8:20 PM. I do not like eating so late during the week. But what can you do sometimes? Dinner was really good. My mom roasted a chicken last night and we had left overs. Chicken, mashed potatoes, cranberry and gravy.

That about wraps up my day. I am heading to bed momentarily. I am happy that it is almost Friday!


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