TGIF & coffee

Let me just say that I do not know (nor would I ever want to find out) where I would be without my morning coffee. Seriously. Especially on a Friday morning when it has been a very long week.

At one point in my life I was not allowed to drink caffeine for about six months. (It was a stomach issue in college) I did my best to sneak coffee or cappuccinos or lattes past the people keeping tabs on me. I hardly ever succeeded. I just love coffee. It was a hard six months to go without my morning cup of Joe – especially during school when I was up late studying, getting up super early for crew practice and trying my best to stay awake in classes!

This morning I am particularly thankful for this grand cup of coffee in my travel mug – a great birthday present (a couple of years ago) from my friend Jane.

Isn’t it just a cute travel cup? I love it.

Happy Friday morning everyone. It is bright and early and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Any exciting weekend plans? AFM and I are pretty excited because the Patriots are playing the Giants on Sunday. (He’s a Giants fan. Sigh.) I hope it is a good game.

Have a lovely day, be happy and eat well.  I’ll see you tonight!


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