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Quick Wrap Up

How is it 8 o’clock already??? I just finished dinner and I still have so much to do before I go to bed  and I really want to get some reading in. There are not enough hours in the day.

Today is the second day in a row that I’ve made a serious effort to get back on track with eating and working out / running.  It’s feeling great so far  –  but I am definitely feeling some of the running in my abs. (really??)

So, you already saw what I had for breakfast. I brought a small container of fat free milk to work today so that I can easily have cereal or oats with milk for breakfast. Milk is so much better and important because it gives you added protein and calcium. One of my (many) doctors is always telling me that because I am a runner, I need more calcium than other women my age. I’m a calcium slacker for the most part. Sigh.

At 11:30 I was starving, so I got part of my lunch and ate it. Carrots, hummus and two small pieces of french bread. At noon I went for a twenty minute walk with Katherine. It was SO windy, so we did not cover as many miles as either of us had hoped for. But we were both glad that we got outside.

Lunch was left over from last night – salmon and curry rice.

Not only am I calcium slacker, I am also a protein slacker – as you have probably already figured out.

I am so glad that I thought about getting salmon at Whole Foods last night. It was great for dinner last night and lunch today. I did not need lunch until 1 o’clock due to the earlier snack.

My afternoon snack was an apple and peanut butter, I had it at three o’clock.

I love peanut butter so much. I don’t need to go any further into that. It gets me through my long, draining work days sometimes (yes, today was one of those days!)

I left work after working a little extra and high tailed it to the gym. Once I got there I ran 3 1/2 miles on the treadmill. I had intentions on biking (and reading) or weights after the run – but that did not happen because I was rather starving before, during and after the run. Why am I always hungry???

So I got home, showered, changed, and started on dinner. I do ok for myself (sometimes) when I am on my own:

I snacked on some french bread, carrots and more hummus while I was putting dinner together.
Dinner was fresh spinach pasta, chicken sausage, sauteed spinach and garlic. Seriously. It was good stuff!

I put some tomato sauce and freshly grated parm on top. It was sort of pretty:

I am excited to have this again for lunch tomorrow!

Well, that about wraps it up. I am really tired and looking forward to sleep soon. But before that I am really hoping to read some of the Stephen King book!

See you tomorrow for hump day!! Let’s celebrate. Seriously.



3 thoughts on “Quick Wrap Up

    1. I know, I wish you had been able to as well. Next time I’ll make a dinner like this. It was very good and filling. Maybe very well balanced: [spinach] pasta, protein from the chicken sausage and veggies in both the sauce and cooked spinach. 🙂

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