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North End Coffee

The other day I was lucky enough to walk around the North End with my good friend Jenny.

While it was pretty cold out, it was at least sunny as we walked around. We popped into a few of our favorite places – Modern was the first place we went into. We bought a few mini-cannoli.

After Modern we went into a great shop on Salem Street that has amazing spices and coffee. I had to snap a photo of their wall of coffee:

I bought two 1/4 bags of coffee. The first was coconut, and I had them grind it for my french press (which I now realize I cannot find!!!) and the second was chocolate almond – which I am having right now.

After this coffee and spice shop, we headed over to Ernesto’s for lunch. We both ordered a piece of pizza and they were soo good! I ordered a mushroom piece.

Yes, this is ONE piece – thank goodness we remembered that the pieces were large. We both had quickly thought about ordering two. So glad we did not!

Friday night I stayed late at work because Annie Leibovitz was giving a talk about her new book, Pilgrimage.  Originally I was really eager to get home, get to the gym and relax on Friday night. But one of my good friends convinced me to stay, and I am really glad that she did because staying for the talk was the best thing I could have done on Friday. Wow:

This is a photo in her new book of Niagra Falls. She told us all about taking this photo.

I finally got home around 7:40 on Friday night. I made some tomato soup and some open faced grilled cheese with my left over french bread (this just means slicing the french bread, putting thin slices of sharp cheddar on top of the bread and popping them into the toaster oven). It hit the spot!

OK, I’m off. I have a couple of errands to run and then I have to go for a run myself. I’m hoping to get 5 miles in today. I’ll check back in with you all later.

Happy Saturday  – enjoy the weekend!!!


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