Morning Muffins

Happy Friday all! I’m so glad it is Friday. Phew. I am so excited for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’m also just excited that the weekend is almost here.

Yesterday a co-worker brought in some fall-tacular muffins for breakfast. They were cranberry orange muffins and we all loved them:

Muffins do not usually make me think of Thanksgiving – but somehow these did. I definitely loved them. I had one for breakfast this morning.

Here is the recipe:

Cranberry Orange Muffins

I am seriously considering making these on Wednesday morning for our Thanksgiving house guests. We are running a Turkey Trot on Thursday morning and I think the muffins will also be great as a pre-race breakfast. I am so excited for the Turkey Trot – I just hope it is not raining.

Happy Friday morning everyone – I hope you all have a great day. Make these muffins and enjoy! 🙂


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