The bug??

Hi there bloggies:

I am sad to report that I am still a bit under the weather. Sigh. It is a hard time of the year to not feel well, I must say! Not to mention that it is the second year in a row for me – but of course this is nothing compared to last year at this time. (I am totally keeping this in mind – and I am so thankful for being so much healthier than I was last year!!) Over the weekend I basically ate toast. Twice. I also had 1/3 cup of white rice on Saturday night. Exciting, isn’t it??

I had toast twice. Once while I was trying my hardest to get all of my holiday shopping done (which was successful for the most part!) During my running around I stopped into Seven Stars because I was actually hungry (after not eating for 24 hours – I guess that makes sense!) Seven Stars has a ton of great treats and I was envious of all of the folks in line looking at the treats from the bakery and deciding what they were going to have.

Decisions, decisions….


On a normal day I would have ordered a ginger biscuit (maybe next weekend!)

On Saturday I had to go with a pretty plain choice. A nice piece of whole wheat toast. No butter or jam on the side either. Plain jane! But I must say, it was very good and sort of hit the spot.


Doesn’t that loop appetizing??? 🙂

Anyhow. It was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed this morning. I guess it could be from a lack of nutrition over the weekend, and I was completely exhausted from being sick. I got to work at 9 o’clock (I vaguely remember the days when I used to get to work at 7 or 7:30. I am really going to try [hard] to get back on track tomorrow. Getting in late stinks!)

I had tea in the car. Tea with honey is so very good! Once I got to work I toasted a piece of cinnamon raisin bread. No butter. Just plain. But it was a pretty good breakfast. During the morning I also had a few saltines and some water.

I had a meeting at 11 o’clock and then a lunch meeting with my co-workers. I was really looking forward to my lunch at Legal Harborside. But today was not an ideal day for me to order anything extravagant – even though the menu looked great and the specials sounded really wonderful.

Salads were obviously off the table for me (although they looked great) and I would have been a crazy person to order the chowder (so sad!! nothing beats Legal’s chowder) so I studied the menu carefully. Finally I found a baked white fish that had a slice of tomato on it with bread crumbs. I ordered jasmine rice as my side. (French fries looked great though!) I ate about 1/3 of my meal and it was really lovely:


Just for the record – I really loved the rice 🙂 Obviously the fish was amazing, too. Two of my co-workers ordered some awesomely good fried food, one of my colleagues ordered a Lobster roll which I really wanted to eat and another ordered a salad with grilled sword fish that I had also wanted to enjoy. I loved looking at all of their food and I was glad to enjoy my own choice. I am definitely going back to Legal’s when I am feeling better. I really want chowder and a lobster roll. Maybe for my birthday?

So, anyhow. It’s 9 o’clock and I need to go to bed. Hopefully I’ll have a more normal food day tomorrow and it will be more exciting to report on and read about! I am mentally gearing up for marathon training which is just a couple of weeks away. Exciting! I have actually been resting up, not on purpose (mostly because of the ‘bug’) but maybe it is a good thing to rest up before training officially begins… Let’s hope so!

Ok – see you guys tomorrow! I hope your day tomorrow is magical 🙂


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