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Hump Day on the Treadmill

Another day of work complete! One of the good things about working this week is that the morning commute has been a dream come true today and yesterday. The evening commutes have not been, but I will take what I can get!

I was exhausted this morning because I stayed up too late watching the Kennedy Center Honors especially because they were saluting one of my favorite people ever Yo Yo Ma! It was worth it 🙂 But I am definitely going to try and hit the hay earlier tonight.

I had the same thing for breakfast this morning:


A little less than a cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and a little under a cup of 1% milk. I am definitely going to search for a breakfast cereal that has a little less sodium and maybe a little more protein next time I’m at the market. But this is doing the trick – I had breakfast at 9 o’clock and did not end up eating again until almost 1 o’clock this afternoon.

One reason I did not photograph lunch today was because I was starving. (I know – very uncool to admit such things, but it’s the truth.) Lunch today was an open faced peanut butter and jam sandwich, a clementine and a yogurt. Then I went for a fifteen minute walk outside in the sun. It was extremely windy – I was almost blown away as I walked down the stairs to the walking path. Once again, I survived to tell the story.

I started my evening routine at 4 o’clock when I got in the car and headed to the gym. I arrived a little before 5 o’clock. I changed and hopped on the treadmill – and beat a few other gym goers to one of the free ones. I felt a little hardcore, and not too mean claiming my machine. 😀

Can we discuss for a moment how much I hate the treadmill? I really, honestly wish that I loved the treadmill – or even thought it was “ok” – but that is not the case. I can’t stand it! I am so much better running outside. But in the winter months, there are not that many options for getting in all of the miles that I need to log per week. It was one of the first days today where the wind was really picking up and it was just plain cold outside – wintery sort of! I just could not run outside, and I hate running outside in the dark. So, I opted for the treadmill. Why is it when I run on the treadmill I feel like I’m going to get blisters no matter what I do to my feet before hand? I feel like my body is totally cramped on to the machine and I just can’t relax and enjoy. But today I just jogged and got the miles that I needed to in. I walked for a little bit at a 3% incline at the end, that was more enjoyable. I hope I can survive a winter of treadmill running. I’ll just take it one day at a time, I guess.

I did 3 1/4 miles on the treadmill and then raced off to East Side Market. I bought fresh fruit and vegetables and a large container of Greek yogurt. If it is the last thing I do I am not going to give into my hunger by eating junk food. So, if I surround myself with healthy, fresh food, this might solve some of the problem.

When I got home I started in on our dinner salads. (Yeah, salads are back until my stomach tells me otherwise. I am going easy on them, so hopefully everything will be ok.)

I will admit that a lot of the times after a run I will have a couple of handfuls of Wheat Thins or some other crackers (or CHIPS!) as I start dinner. So tonight I made sure that this did not happen. I made salads, and ate my salad while I continued to get everything else ready. I am glad I thought enough to take a quick iPhone photo:


In the mix: spinach, carrots, tomato, cucumber and red pepper.

Dinner tonight was: salad and mushroom ravioli. I love these Buitoni wild mushroom raviolis. My one concern with them is that there is quite a lot of sodium in them – but for a ‘treat’ every once in a while I think it’s fine. 🙂 They are SO tasty. I went a little overboard – and had six ravioli.


After my original five ravioli, I was still hungry so I went and got one more ravioli and back yet again for a couple of slices of red pepper and then a huge mug of tea.

I’m going to pack breakfast and lunch soon (if I can find the energy) and I hope it will be a little bit different than the past two days. I hope that you had a great hump day and that your week is going well.

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Hump Day on the Treadmill

  1. I totally agree with you about the treadmill, sometimes it feels like complete torture! But I do feel more like I’ve “worked out” after. I’m usually sweatier than if I run outside and I’ve had a mental workout (forcing myself to keep running and not quit).

    1. You’re so right about feeling like you’ve had quite the work out after though! I felt great after and it was definitely a mental workout as well. However, I woke up this morning with the BAD feeling that I might have the start of a shin splint on my right shin. I’m blaming the treadmill. My running was definitely “off” while I was on it last night. I guess I need to rest today… I’m scared to death of having a serious injury again!! 😦

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