2012 – Day Ten

I started off the day with energy. I got out of bed when I was supposed to, and was on the road to work by 6:10 this morning! I had coffee. I felt great. As I was driving to work I made a great after work plan. Because I cut my run short yesterday, I wanted to make it up. Last night I realized that it was not getting really dark out until 5 o’clock or so. If I left work on time today – at 3:40 PM – I could easily get in a three mile run at work before it got dark. I was so excited for this plan!!

At around 10:30 this morning my plan started to unravel.

Last night as I was having dinner and then packing my lunch I sneezed a few times. Of course I sort of freaked. I was already worried about getting sick.

At 10:30 my throat started hurting a little bit. Then my nose started running and I started sneezing again. Seriously!? Why do I have to get a cold right when training is starting to get awesome???

But anyhow. Back to my day.

I changed up breakfast a little bit. Instead of mixing in the berries with the yogurt and Kashi, I saved the berries for a mid-morning snack. The yogurt, Kashi and PB2 were just fine on their own:


I had tea with breakfast because by this point I had already consumed 20 ounces of coffee. 🙂

I did not end up needing a mid-morning snack (I had an Airborne instead in an lame effort to try and stay healthy!) so I enjoyed the berries with my chicken, hummus, mustard and spinach wrap (these are AMAZING – my new favorite lunch!)


Later I had carrots. And after that I had four saltine crackers with a spoonful of peanut butter. I went home at 3:40 and instead of running, I ran over to Target where I certainly went a little overboard getting some cold meds, tea (3 different kinds), zinc throat lozenges, tissues, more airborne, and so on. 😦

I snapped a photo of this great box of tea.


Did you know that the year of the dragon starts on January 23, 2012? I am very excited for this because I am a dragon!

For dinne I am enjoying some amazing hot and sour soup from my favorite Apsara Palace. It is so very good and is sort of helping with my cold symptoms.

So even though I’m experiencing a couple of ‘cold’ symptoms, I still do not feel horrible. I’m really hoping that if I go to bed early tonight (like now) I will recover quickly – like tomorrow!

Stay healthy, bloggies. See you tomorrow.


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